Last updated: May 21st 2024


  1. Introduction: This document set out our complaints policy. If you are a User of Unlok, this Complaints Policy forms part of your agreement with us.
  2. Who we are and how to contact us: Unlok is operated by Miami Image Society LLC / AtomickMarketing. We are a limited company registered in the United States of America, with company registration number L170000125513 and we have our registered office address at 333 SE 2nd Avenue Suite 2000 Miami, FL, USA, 33131
  3. Interpretation: In this Complaints Policy, defined terms have the same meanings given to them in the Terms of Use for all Users:
  4. Who can use this Complaints Policy? Whether or not you are a User of Unlok, you can use this Complaints Policy to alert us to any complaint which you have relating to Unlok.
  5. How to make a complaint: If you have a complaint about Unlok (including any complaint about Content appearing on Unlok or the conduct of a User), please send your complaint to [email protected] including your name, address, contact details, a description of your complaint and, if your complaint relates to Content, the URL for the Content to which your complaint relates.
  6. How we will deal with your complaint: Following receipt of your complaint under section 5 above:
    1. we will take such steps as we consider to be appropriate to investigate your complaint within a timescale which is appropriate to the nature of your complaint;
    2. if we require further information or documents from you, we will contact you to let you know;
    3. we will in good faith take such actions as we consider appropriate to deal with the issue which your complaint has raised. If you have complained about Content which appears on Unlok and we are satisfied that the Content is unlawful or otherwise breaches our Acceptable Use Policy, we will act quickly to remove such Content.

We are not obligated to inform you of the outcome of your complaint.

  1. Unjustified or abusive complaints: If you are a User of Unlok, you warrant (which means you make a legally enforceable promise) that you will not make any complaint under this Complaints Policy which is wholly unjustified, abusive, or made in bad faith. If we determine that you have breached this warranty, we may suspend or terminate your User account.

*Acknowledge that all such reported complaints will be reviewed and resolved within seven business days

Last updated: May 21st 2024


  1. Introduction: These Platform to Business Regulation Terms form part of the Terms of Service.
  2. Interpretation: In these Platform to Business Regulation Terms, unless otherwise stated, defined terms have the same meanings given to them in the Terms of Use for all Users.
  3. What do these Platform to Business Regulation Terms include? These Platform to Business Regulation Terms provide information about our practices to comply with the fairness and transparency requirements set out in USA Regulation.
  4. Promoting Creators via other distribution channels: We may choose to promote you via our Instagram (
  5. Complaints: If you have a complaint about:
    1. any alleged non-compliance by us with any obligations laid down in the Platform to Business Regulation which affect you; or
    2. technological issues relating directly to Unlok and which affect you; or
    3. measures taken by us or our conduct which relate directly to Unlok and which affect you,

then please submit your complaint to [email protected] .

  1. Complaint-handling process: Following receipt of your complaint under section 7 above, we will:
    1. consider your complaint and the follow-up which we may need to give to your complaint (including asking you for further information or documents) in order to adequately address the issue raised;
    2. process your complaints within a reasonable time, taking into account the importance and complexity of the issue raised; and
    3. communicate to you in plain and intelligible language by email or by message to your Unlok account the outcome of the internal complaint-handling process.

Last updated: May 21st 2024



  1. Introduction: This Standard Contract between User and Creator ("this agreement") sets out the terms which govern each transaction between a User and a Creator on
  2. When does this agreement apply? Each time a User/Creator Transaction is initiated on, this Standard Contract between User and Creator will apply to the exclusion of any other terms which the User or Creator may propose, and this Standard Contract between User and Creator will legally bind the User and Creator participating in the User/Creator Transaction.
  3. Parties: The only parties to this agreement are the User and Creator participating in the User/Creator Transaction. Miami Image Society LLC / AtomickMarketing is not a party to this agreement and neither grants any rights in respect of, nor participates in, any User/Creator Transaction, except for acting as a payment intermediary in accordance with the Creator’s and User’s instructions set out in section 5 of this agreement.
  4. Interpretation: In this agreement, defined terms have the following meanings:
    1. "" means the website accessed via the URL or via any web browser;
    2. "Content" means any material uploaded to by any User (whether a Creator or a User), including any photos, videos, audio (for example music and other sounds), livestream material, data, text (such as comments and hashtags), metadata, images, interactive features, emojis, GIFs, memes, and any other material whatsoever;
    3. "Creator" means a User who has set up their account as a Creator account to post Content on to be viewed by other Users;
    4. "User" means a User who follows a Creator and is able to view the Creator's Content;
    5. "Referring User" means a User who participates in the Referral Program;
    6. "User/Creator Transaction" means any transaction between a User and a Creator on by which access is granted to the Creator's Content in any of the following ways: (i) a Subscription, (ii) payments made by a User to view a Creator's pay-per-view Content (pay-per-view media and pay-per-view live stream), and (iii) payments made by a User to use the user interaction function on a Creator's account;
    7. "User Payment" means (i) any and all payments made by a User in respect of any User/Creator Transaction, and (ii) any and all tips;
    8. "FIL Fee" means the fee charged Miami Image Society LLC / AtomickMarketing by to Creators in accordance with section 5 of the Terms of Use for Creators <>;
    9. "Subscription" means a User's monthly subscription to a Creator's account;
  5. Pricing and payment: By entering into a User/Creator Transaction, the User agrees to pay the User Payment applicable to the relevant User/Creator Transaction in accordance with the pricing published in the Creator's account plus any VAT which is applicable. The User and Creator participating in the User/Creator Transaction authorize Miami Image Society LLC / AtomickMarketing or any of its subsidiaries to act as a payment intermediary and to collect, hold, and process the User Payment and any applicable VAT, to deduct the FIL Fee, and to pay out the sums due to Creators and (if applicable) Referring Users, as described in the Terms of Service.
  6. License of Content: Once the User has made the User Payment for a User/Creator Transaction, the Creator grants to the User a limited license to access the applicable Content of that Creator to which the User/Creator Transaction relates (the "Relevant Content"). This license is non-transferable, non-sublicensable and non-exclusive, and permits the User to access and view the Relevant Content on the User's personal device and via a normal web browser (and to make a temporary copy of such Content only to the extent that this is an incidental and technical process forming part of the User's accessing the Content (i.e. caching)), in accordance with the Acceptable Use Policy.

Last updated: May 21st 2024

UNLOK.ME Appeal Procedure for Content Removal

1. Introduction

This procedure provides guidance for individuals ("Applicants") who wish to appeal for the removal of content hosted on UNLOK.ME in which they are depicted. This procedure ensures compliance with applicable laws and respect for personal rights.

2. Grounds for Appeal

An Applicant may file an appeal if:

  • The content was posted without their explicit consent.
  • Previously given consent has been legally revoked or is deemed void under applicable law.

3. How to File an Appeal

To initiate an appeal, the Applicant must:

  • Contact Customer Service: Applicants should reach out to our customer service team directly by email at [email protected] or via our customer support chat available on the UNLOK.ME website.
  • Provide Required Information: In the communication, applicants must include their identification details, a detailed description of the content in question, and a statement explaining the lack of or withdrawal of consent. Supporting evidence such as screenshots, links to the content, or legal documents that demonstrate the revocation of consent should also be included.
  • Case ID Assignment: Upon receipt of the appeal, a unique Case ID will be assigned. This Case ID will be used to track the status of the appeal throughout the process.
  • Follow-up Communications: Applicants can use their assigned Case ID to follow up on their case through email or by chatting with our support team. This allows for continuous updates and direct communication regarding the status of the appeal.

4. Processing the Appeal

Upon receiving an appeal, UNLOK.ME will:

  • Acknowledge receipt of the appeal within 48 hours.
  • Review the appeal, including any submitted evidence, to determine the validity of the claim within 10 business days.
  • Inform the Applicant of the decision. If the appeal is approved, the content will be removed promptly from the platform.

5. Disagreements and Resolution

In case of a disagreement regarding the outcome of the appeal:

  • The Applicant can request a review by a neutral body within 7 days of receiving the decision.
  • UNLOK.ME will facilitate the review process by the neutral body, which will re-evaluate the appeal and make a final decision.

6. Neutral Body Details

  • The neutral body will consist of a panel selected in accordance with industry standards and applicable laws, ensuring fairness and impartiality.
  • The decision by the neutral body will be considered final and binding to all parties involved.

7. Additional Information

For more information or assistance with the appeal process, Applicants can contact the UNLOK.ME support team via [contact information].

8. Amendments to the Procedure

UNLOK.ME reserves the right to amend this procedure as required by changes in law or operational needs, provided that all changes comply with applicable legal standards.

*Acknowledge that all such reported complaints will be reviewed and resolved within seven business days

Pre-Screening of Content

All content uploaded by users to UNLOK.ME undergoes a thorough pre-screening process prior to publication. This is to ensure that no illegal content is made available on our platform and that all submissions strictly adhere to our Content Standards. During the pre-screening process, each piece of content is carefully reviewed to verify its compliance with current regulations and our platform's policies. This proactive approach helps maintain the integrity of our site and ensures a safe and respectful environment for all users. Any content found to be in violation during the pre-screening phase will not be published.